Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Rings, rings and more rings. Last week was a bit of a 'ringfest' where I  made use of my new ring mandrel. Mandrels make shaping rings easy.

I enjoy working on a group at once, modifying and changing parts but keeping the basic construction. These are mostly recycled brass and copper sheet with found objects like old bolts and gears.

The basic construction involves a tube rivet through the whole ring- securing the round, flat elements on top.

About as basic construction as it comes, although open to a world of exploration in the choice of materials. The ring below is made from sterling silver, brass, a gear and rusty nut.

For me, everything is experimental.

There is always a healthy supply of 'misses' as well as 'hits'. Do we not learn by our mistakes? Even better is when 'mistakes' become breakthroughs and assist you to think sideways a bit.

The ring above is just a strip of copper wrapped into a ring shape, folded over a couple of times with a rivet and some old washers- but the idea may be worth exploring a bit more.

 They have a tough/ industrial/ Steampunk look to them- just right for me.