Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nabbed by Government Forces

I am now the Matrix and the Matrix is now me.

 (evidence #1. Urbandon as government slave Photoshop image created 2009)

Oh my tales of woe. An Australian Government department has nabbed me. This faceless entity has desecrated my digital image. Pillaging an image from flickr to their own ends. Social Policy Research dudes are to blame. This is me- innocent before entering the office matrix in which I have now become a part. I have found no escape from the 'cubical of bureaucracy' for over a year now. 
 My government-contracted incasaration continues. 
I have become such a part of the system that my images appear through government cyberspace. Lord, save me from this fate worse than death or PKI's.

Like a contemporary Max Headroom my image - the once naive but now battle-scarred and cynical wage-slave sees the sign (or the bi line) that business and arts can coexist. 
Time for me to throw the shackles off, stand on my Government chipboard desk, kick over my pen holder/mouse pad/in box and say "I'm not going to take this anymore! " But I won't because that means forwarding a memo, CCing it to management, scanning a copy and sending to finances (as an attachment less than 404kb) making three copies of it and putting them into two pigeon holes and keeping a copy on file for myself.

As we joke on Monday around the cooler- "Is it Friday today?" Ha ha ha. Kill me now.