Friday, July 16, 2010

Giving the Evil Eye

Giving the Evil Eye
 I would like to show you jewellery I’ve been making the past weeks. Dubbed the ‘Masons on Acid’ Series, I wanted to explore more ritualistic jewellery as an antidote to such religious and cult artifacts.

As a person both repulsed and fascinated by the occult, spiritual and ritualistic imagery, I wanted to create jewellery that were a bit more disturbing, intense and a mockery to the genre.

 (Doll parts, etched metal, found objects)
Until recently I thought something was ‘wrong’ with my jewellery because it didn’t look like anything I had actually seen- that I was pulling together so many ideas that it was a creative spaghetti mishmash. Now standing firm I say. “Yes, this is mine and yes, it is weird.”

These ‘Grand Pooh Bah’ pieces warmly give the finger to perverse, patriarchal, secretive, and ultimately evil cults, religions and ‘societies’. I have poisoned the sacred bowl, spat upon the ceremonial gown. Not exactly a ‘deadly blow’ to the leeches of mankind- more like a kick in the shin.

(Thank you DrInsectus for the volcanic rock and old charm)

These pieces were designed to protect you. We protect ourselves from the elements- an umbrella, a jumper or sunscreen. We stay safe with locks, bullet proof vests and airbags, smoke alarms and ‘crash postures’. But how do you protect yourself from sinister, brain-washing-credit card taking- money laundering-usually sexually driven cult leader religions? Not a simple answer. Or is it? Although not road tested yet, these pieces flip the bird (or the evil eye in this case) to these false prophets. Repel them on street corners and ‘spiritual treks’ or in front of High Court Judges and 'men of the cloth'. 

 (Bike parts, faux-bone, etched brass, sterling silver, found objects)
 The world needs protecting from the ravenous exploiters of human spirits (and British Petroleum). I am going into mass production next week.

May your God* be with you.

*whatever gives you strength

Peace and out. X