Friday, July 2, 2010

The Five Minute Ring

Want the fastest and easiest ring in the world to make? This is the 'Five Minute Ring'. I have used 16 gauge copper wire for this ring although you could use brass, iron or sterling silver wire.

1. Wrap wire of choice around a ring mandrel (or dowel).

2. Create a twist in the wire.

3. Thread on choice of washes, beads or found objects onto one section of wire. Wrap the other section of wire around the base-nice and tight.
I used some found, hammered washers a brass bead and a long bone bead for this one.

4. Create a paddle on the end to stop the objects falling off.

5. Form a loop in the paddle. (You could attach more beads on the loop with jump rings).

6. Work harden the ring and create a texture if you want.

7. Age, file, sand, clean.
That's it! 

 Some variations on the idea...

The original with a twist.

Wire frenzy.

 The Player.

Stay tuned for the 'Two Minute Ring'...coming soon!