Monday, June 7, 2010

Bench Tip - Creative Stimulation Activity

As I walked to my local charity shops in Newtown last week I picked up some nice rubbish in the lane ways. Metal, wire and junk. Street -treats.
There was nothing unusual in that until I got home and washed them all. Thrown into a pile to dry, they looked pretty interesting together so I decided on a bit of a challenge- 
make a piece of jewellery in less than 15 minutes from only the parts I had found on the walk.
I tried not to think too hard and 'just get into it'.
Working at speed, with the clock ticking, left little time to question design; my first thought was the only one. The focus became only on 'cold' connecting the elements together.

Sure, I wanted a cool piece to wear but the activity was really about 'doing'. 
Less than fifteen minutes later I downed tools, took a good look at what had happened, and started asking myself some questions. Had the challenge stimulated me? What went right? What went wrong? What did I like? Or hate? What did I deem important or what ideas did I discard? The activity opened up a can'o'worms about design and manufacture- which was exactly what I was after.

(I kinda like the piece how it seems to 'drip' from each element to the next)
This became a rewarding activity and will be using this method of working again. Not only did it challenge me to work fast and think on my feet but 'kick-started' a productive, creative weekend. 
Do you do exercises?
Any suggestions for making this a better exercise?
Thanks all for the comments and support.
And remember...

“Do or do not... there is no try.”