Monday, May 31, 2010

May Wrap-Up

May 2010 has almost past. I turned 44. I went to Melbourne. I made (and sold) some jewellery.
First, the jewellery...

New forms are taking shape on my work table. Inspired by armour, shields and 'Big Brother'.

Partially constructed at the moment, these pieces are forcing me to challenge my ideas on jewellery design, manufacturing and intent.

I can never work on one piece at a time.

These pieces are all about (urban) protection. Although some of these could stop a bullet, what protection do we have against the evil eye? invasion of personal space, facebook privacy?  government Internet filters? 

Birthday 2010
My (44th!) birthday was celebrated with my love (grrl+dog) who made me this cool collage card...

I received (among other things) the best Plant Porn book in the world-Botanica Magnifica. Stunning images of endangered species are displayed in this massive, beautiful book. If you love plants then you must have this book.You can also see the photographer, Johnathan Singer, and have a good look at the book here.

Also received the book Art in the Age of Technoscience. 
Now this book is a juicy read- did you know artists are playing with stem-cells-'moist media' and gene sequences? Pretty weird stuff. Worth a read if you are interested in cutting-edge trends and the (possible) future of art.

 Steampump in Melbourne was a fun escape for my birthday and a chance to sell some work-which I did.
Check out the photos of SteamPump2010. One highlight was to meet the wonderful Dr Insctus and see her very cool  jewellery. She also has good taste-she bought one of my (favourite) pieces!

Farewell May 2010. What a month!
See you in June-