Tuesday, April 6, 2010

One Track Mind

I am taking a step up in my world of jewellery. Gone is the glue, the pre-made jump rings and findings and tin. Hello to cold connections, soldered pieces, hand made jump rings and findings.

Goodbye to a 'junky' look and welcome to brass chain, bones and etched metal.
Farewell to epoxy resin and greetings to rivets and eyelets.

So long early nights, welcome to late night solder sessions.

Farewell easy-to-photograph artwork.

Hello to my new series of jewellery. Inspired by The Count of Monte Cristo. I do love a good revenge story and this is a classic tale of love, betrayal and ultimately, revenge.

All the elements of the story are here- cages, pearls, royal text, bones and keys.

Greetings to flames and chemicals, dust masks and burnt/ cut fingers. Greeting to all those expensive and desirable toys (tools) to buy.

Goodbye it anything that isn't jewellery. I think this bug has bitten.

 Welcome to my world. I hope you enjoy your stay