Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Healthy Obsessions

Junk. Beautiful scrap. 
Sexy crap.

Trash. Cheap trash. Discarded rubbish.

I was always taught to 'waste not-want not' (Depression era grandparents/ war survivor parents.)
I have always embraced that attitude, (I think it's called tight-arse now days).
Part of that is creating found-object art. I like finding items to use and refashioning them in unexpected ways.


One of the great pleasures of being an assemblage artist is collecting all the raw materials and findings, closely followed by getting them sorted into boxes. Not only can I find what I'm looking for in a second, items sometimes 'fall together' into a start of a piece that I would never had thought of. 

This post is dedicated to all the junk in the world.
And obsessions.