Sunday, March 21, 2010

Maybe Post-Neo Victorian

 Brass and leather cuff

How time flies when you have a deadline. How time flies when you want to learn every jewellery-making technique there is- before the deadline. This is my life. I'm a serial obsessive. If I'm into something, I'm into it 100% and have to learn everything and read all I can. So, for now, I'm making, living, sleeping and breathing jewellery. What a pleasure! Hammering metal, mixing toxic chemicals and using flames! What's not to love? Also, you get to sort hundreds of small pieces into little plastic containers which is so much fun. Did I say I was obsessive?

 unpolished etched piece

The past several months I have moved out of Steampunk assemblages and now creating assemblage jewellery. I have dropped the Steampunk tag- that is far too limiting. I am (just) an artist. Not a mixed-media-pre-abstract-post-industrial-Victorian-found-object-assemblage artist. Although, that sounds pretty good too.

Like any artist, I want to carve out my own niche and create a style to call my own. That said, I am being influenced by some stunning artists such as Richard Salley and Susan Lenart Kazmer.

watch part etched

These are some of my etched brass and copper pieces. I use Ammonium Persulphate. It's simple to achieve.
  1. Stamp the clean metal with a rubber stamp using permanent ink
  2. Place into solution of etching solution for 10-15 minutes (depending on which etchant you use)
  3. Wash off solution
  4. Blacken
  5. Polish

One technique down, one hundred more to go.