Sunday, February 21, 2010

Use Me, Abuse Me

The most shocking thing has been happening. People are going around using my images. There are people, who will be named, that are using my artwork for their own promotion and pleasure. 

Shocking as it may seem, these fancy, arty-types are using my  artwork. Take for example below. These young Irish rock guys called  Storybooks for Small Dogs  decided that they would stick my picture on their CD.That's my robot dog. They wanted my dog.
 And they had the gall to ask me first and put a 'cover photo by...' credit.
If it that isn't enough, they sound like some of my favorite bands. 

In another case, my Flickr pictures are just sitting there on the web, minding their own business, when somebody has to ask me if they can publish then in some American zine called Jagazine.
 Three pages worth mind you.

When will it end?
The worst offender was the local newspaper publishing my photos of The Reclaim the Lanes festival.
 These smarty-pants 'Whats On' editors think they just have to ask. Disgusting.

Not only was I used on the web site but printed as well. And then,  they have to go and give me a credit too. This just has to stop. That is just free promotion. Don't you hate it when that happens?