Tuesday, February 9, 2010

rotating vortex-space-thing

I am working on a project.

This is the longest running project of my life. 

Let me explain.
I started putting wire together into a sphere.  Every time I found wire in the street I would build more layers to the sphere. Then I started attaching an old steel tape measure.

The whole thing has been just hanging around the studio, just waiting. Late one night while rummaging through boxes I found the 'missing link'. You know, that moment when it clicks. The moment of YES!
All it took was some piece of street-junk and then there it was. A couple of seconds later and I could say it was 90% finished. (I 'rate' my work on how finished it is-in percentage. Is that weird? ) 

There is a geared motor from an electronic construction kit that sits inside the timber base. The whole piece also rotates on its base.
All I (ever) wanted was a rotating vortex-space-thing. 

As a kid I tried to build stuff like this. I drew plans for this but never had the technical skill and hadn't discovered junk collecting. Most of the kinetic work I do is a nod to those earlier days. The rainy weekends when I would daydream about toys that didn't exist. I would try and reassemble and hack toys.
I remember my mother telling me one of my first words was 'Construction'. I would weave her knitting wool from one chair leg to another, creating patterns across the lounge room. Declaring them constructions.
There is no doubt that I'm just a big kid playing with my toys. The toys I wanted all those years ago. Here is a video of the piece. This 'construction' is 44 years in the making. And it still isn't finished. It is 99% finished.