Monday, February 15, 2010

Reclaim The Lanes

The Reclaim the Lanes Festival in Newtown over the weekend was a free-spirited event to celebrate and take over Newtown lane ways.

No money was made. No one was in charge. No fizzy-drink or corporate-cafe sponsorship here. No reason, no green-wash funding charity, no tie-in marketing event. No flashy, glossy gate-fold brochure with a proud endorsement by the local mayor.

A big turn out as the rain held off, just for us. 

We took over the lanes, as we do in Newtown. 

The locals looked on as it festival passed by. 

I posted these pictures to my flickr page last night and was picked up by the local newspaper- The Inner West Courier (News Limited). They were after some photos of the event. They contacted me and it looks like they will be published this week. You can check out all the photos at the newspapers online site here.
Gee, I'm famous. Famous for fifteen miles.