Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Clasp in Time

Despite having a wisdom tooth removed yesterday (ouch!) I managed to do a bit of work today. 
Armed with painkillers, I played around with glue and metal. Soldering with the butane torch was off the cards due to safety concerns, as you can well imagine. Speaking of which I do not recommend soldering metal in thongs.(open shoes) The first and last time I did I dropped some solder on my foot- it landed on the tiny rubber strap above my foot! Close call.

The focus this week has been my jewellery. Made my first bezel, first jump ring and first pendants. And my first clasp. (above)

These pendants are made from embossed paper, old books and bits of metal.

I don't mind a bit of 'spooky' with a taxidermy glass eye (and suitcase clips).

A few more in progress...

I'm already making display/storage boxes for them. I guess I just like to stay organised.

And one more project for this weekend is the 'Missionary-Punk' piece below. I carved the head a long time ago. Just as well I hung onto it. In a pharmaceutical frenzy I 'connected' with my tribal side...

 Carved head, 70's timber bowl, found objects, seaweed, seed pod, nails.

Thanks for stopping by and remember: If you have to go to the dentist make sure they are, like my dentist, hot and write 'scripts for painkillers!*

*Please forgive errors in this weeks post.