Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Robotics 'R' Me

I know it has been a while since my last post. (And what a crap post it was too!-sorry) It's been all a bit busy here for the past month. The whole Christmas and New Year shabang is now all over and it's back to work for me. My hands have not been too idle during my break though. My latest project involves Lego Mindstorms (Build and design robots to do what you want) and getting my creations to draw patterns. I never had a Spirograph as a kid so this kit satisfies my desires. Also, I never had programmable portable computers with sonar, light and sound sensors. My little droid below draws my Spirograph images. He also 'talks' like R2-D2, which for a Star wars fan, is pretty cool. (Yes, I know I am a geek.A proud geek in fact) Below is the 'bot showing the pen holder for drawing.

Of course I had to 'hack' the kit and build a solar-powered fan for my 'bot. It's really just for a bit of fun but I can get it to 'trigger' sensors when it moves to sunlight.
Below is the solar fan. Small, but not small enough!

Now if I can find smaller solar cells and motors I can create nano-solar robots. I have had a keen interest in B.E.A.M. (Biology, Electronics, Aesthetics and Mechanics) technology for a while now. As the name would imply, it ticks all my art/craft/science buttons.
Next post I should have some images of the patterns I have been creating.

Link (Mini) roundup...
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you can see some stunning craft going on...

Until next time. (I'm off to do geek things!)
Peace to you and all the best for the new year!