Friday, January 15, 2010

New Adventures in Lo-Fi Manifestation

In a beautiful case of Manifestation, my retro Spirograph has arrived. 
Only last week I was thinking about these sets. Then, I stroll into my local charity shop on my day off and there they are. Just sitting there, waiting for me. And for only $1, which is a little bit cheaper than the bidding frenzy that goes on in eBay. Stupid eBay!

Art is nature and Nature is art. (ain't it?) 
The patterns are Hypotrochoids and epitrochoids and are a roulette (a form of curve). These are used in Differential Geometry.(Still with me?) 

Whatever they are called, the natural patterns that Spirographs make are pretty damn cool. Just like Madelbrot sets, these could be called The Thumbprint of God ( or Nature with a capital N.) There is a reason why they look like flowers or electron spins- geometry.
Beautiful geometry.

My automated Spirograph (Lego Mindstorms set) has been working hard too. A sample or two below.


This one looks like a messy icosahedron.(I can't tell you how happy I am about that!) The ultimate aim would be to create these patterns perfectly. (Whatever that means) 
Next step is a automate epitrochoids.

 God, geometry is sexy.
Be sexy. (Even with pens in your shirt pocket)

Be balanced.
Enjoy harmony.