Sunday, January 31, 2010

100 Post Young

Looks like I'm heading off to Melbourne again for SteamPump2010 in May. I'll be taking my assemblages and all my new jewellery. 

This will be my first exhibition/ market for a long time and the first Steampunk festival/show ever. Should be a hoot, I get to go to Melbourne, dress up with my spunky partner in 'Steam' gear and I may sell something, and it's all tax deductible. Speaking of jewellery, yesterday I visited Australian Jewellers Supplies in downtown Sydney. So many beautiful toys! So much money! It's in my nature to:
  • research what I need
  • take a list
  • not be swayed by salesmen hype
  • ask lots of questions
  • explain to them what I am doing 
  • only buy only what is on the list

 They were very helpful, friendly and I walked out with everything I needed. I couldn't wait to get home and play with metal and saws.

Artwork going to Melbourne 

My jewellers workstation is organised now and already seeing plenty of action. I'm using 'trays' to organise my equipment
which allows me to stack them up to make room for another project...

This is another project. Geared motors drive a sphere in the center. The base rotates manually. Of course, made form scrap metal and found bits. At about 15 inches/ 40 cm it probably is the largest moving piece made. As usual, I don't exactly know what it is. 
You must check out this gentleman's amazing assemblages using animal bones and metal. Thanks to