Sunday, November 1, 2009

How Close is Close?


Macro photography.

What a rewarding way to spend the weekend. In the grass. Amongst nature. Really close to nature. Half science and art.

Discovering what's in your street. Right under your nose.

There is fun in the 'hunt'.

Or setting up a seed pod in a studio shot.

There is so much out there. There is so much to do. Every moment is a chance to be creative, productive and exploratory. My reward to myself this week has been to learn something new.

To discover another aspect to photography and to learn techniques.
Although, now I find myself drooling over professional macro equipment on eBay. I want to see how close I can go. How super-sharp can I get and how creative I can be.

How far can I go?
Next week it will probably be something else. Sigh. I had better go over to eBay now!