Saturday, November 14, 2009

Another World





Kangaroo Paw.


Common house fly.


Net-casting spider, stick spider or ogre-faced spider Deinopsis subrufa.

I am close enough for now.

It is a beautiful and fascinating world down there. Even in an urban environment there is so much life going on and so many stunning flowers to be found.

I have been using a Sony A350 (DSLR) with a 4x macro filter. ($8) I haven't run these shots through Photoshop. Some are cropped a little but they are pretty much straight out of the camera. The right light helps a lot. To say the least! A little bit of patience and the right aperture does wonders. I don't have a macro flash set-up so I just use natural light. Tripods are a hassle. Auto-focus does nothing but frustrate you as it cannot 'lock-on'. Manual focus works best. The macro filter is a cheap and easy option that allows the camera to focus at very close distances. Of course there is a million gadgets to buy.

But for the moment I am close enough.

Close to nature.

May you get your fill.