Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wild Thing

In an interview that could have come straight out of The Fountainhead, Maurice Sendak upholds artistic integrity and vision. The Wild Things creator said. "Don't like the movie? Go to hell."

Where The Wild Things Are author Maurice Sendak has a message for people who think the film based on his classic book is too scary for children: "Go to hell".

Is it too scary? "That's a question I will not tolerate," he said in an interview with Newsweek. "If [kids] can't handle it, go home. Or wet your pants. Do whatever you like. But it's not a question that can be answered."

In 2008 children left early test screenings of Wild Things in tears, and Warner Bros studios ordered director Spike Jonze to re cut the film and make it palatable for young audiences. How much was re cut I don't know. From the trailers it looks like the beautiful and moving story bought to life.

I know I want a costume. And now there is clothing and jewelry inspired by the movie!

The film releases in Australia on December 3.

Speaking of movies, I did see The Moon today. An amazing and disturbing movie. Highly recommended, but what would I know?

Be wild! Be yourself!