Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's All About Me or Another box/ Another post

Still life with head. Acyclic on board. 120x80cm

More paintings emerged from boxes this week.
Some are long lost friends, some I hate, some I will paint over, but either way I am taking a journey down memory lane. (Whether I like it or not)
Each painting has a story to tell. Why did I paint it, what was going on in my life, where was I living? I must confess some of those questions do not always have fond memories.
The painting above is pure commercial. Hell, it got put on postcards. This was done while to pursuit of money through art was my highest priority. That mental condition lasted several years but I did a 10 step program:
  1. Don't stock galleries
  2. Don't paint in this seasons colours
  3. Make art that won't sell
  4. Do your own thing
  5. Don't listen to non-artist gallery owners
  6. Expand your horizons by trying new techniques
  7. Create for yourself
  8. Paint self portraits
  9. Go for emotion, not money
  10. Change your style often so 'the buying public' wont recognise you

Alone. Enamel on canvas. 100x100 cm.

This white painting I did just over ten years ago while my mother was dying of cancer. The painting title is 'Alone', which is how I felt as she faded from this world. This could be a favourite if only for the emotion behind it. She died the next day after painting this.

Blue Grid.2005. Oil on canvas. 90x70 cm

More optimistically, this large grid, painted several years ago, was my embrace of painting for myself. Not painting to satisfy others. I did this with the intention of hanging it on my wall. (Screw those galleries- I did it in the season colours and all!)

Self Portrait. 1997. Oil on canvas. 40x40 cm

Who would want a painting of me? Well, me, I guess. Again, freedom to express myself (without thinking of sales) manifests in half decent artwork. (???) This is my favourite painting. For me, this is me. My art, for me.

Express yourself. Be yourself. That's what I live by. (Along with some other half-baked hippie principles that make no sense at all, which I shall bore you with at a later date.)

Love to you all.