Thursday, October 15, 2009

Beautiful Is All Around

The Mayor, hip-hoppers, street artists and locals turned up to
Better Red than Dead on Wednesday for the book launch of Street Art of the Inner West which include my beautiful and talented partner grrl+dog. Check her featured section!
She signed copies of the book while I enjoyed European beer and Indian nibbles.
There is some really cool street art in the book including stenciling, (I have a small appearance too!) street assemblage and sticker art.
The book can be purchased directly for above link or available in bookshops soon.
Now she is creating gorgeous felt art as well as knitting and a million other things.

on the move...

I watched this butterfly almost emerging from it's pupa. Tripod set, waiting for the beautiful process to unfold. Alas, a trip across my garden was all the adventure this bug had in mind. I guess this is part 'A'. Updates soon.

Today I took a few photos of plants in the street.


Lavender and bee.


Curious onlooker.

Beautiful is all around.
Wishing you abundance of it!