Monday, September 14, 2009

Time MachineTakes Off

I put the (almost) finishing touches on the Time Machine (kinetic assemblage) today.
Completed wiring it up and fired the beast up. Running off six batteries (rechargeable) with independent switches. One motor drives the 'planetarium' (for travel within Milky Way galaxy) at the back and the front 'energy converter'. Another switch fires up the counter (video player counter) and the lights. (damn,what happened to the lights?) The final gearing and motor is dedicated to the front time-locating instrument ( clear CD protectors with markings and stickers)
The whole thing is just junk, glue and paint.

I have spared you the sound of whirling gears and motors in the demo video. I will get some nice close up video and some sort of soundtrack in the next one.


Scrap metal, plastics, wire, motors, gears, clock parts, watch parts, batteries and lights. Stands 30cm tall. (Without full galaxy map)

Next up is to reduce the battery packs. The front motor has a separate battery pack and remote control so I will probably wire everything up to there, while reducing the amount of switches. Still needs a few washes of colour to give it some age.

I'm starting to eye some junk metal and motors on my table as I write. Looks like its time to get my hands dirty again. I shall keep you posted.

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Have a great week.