Friday, September 25, 2009

Time Machine Video

Made this video this morning.


My Steam-electric punk time machine is operational.

Standing around 12 inches in height, this three-motor, independent-switched, geared and battery-powered time and space transformer plugs directly into your computer via usb port. This allows direct linkage to Google Earth and Sky for precise location placement. Portable power supply allows for usage in low or no-tech environments. Counters display leaving/destination times with transparent disks display passage of time form one time zone to next.

So, where do I want to go?
My first destination would have to be 1000 years in the future. Same location. (this machine is limited to the Milky Way galaxy and Magellan Clouds) Curious to see if the plants have taken over, and man is gone. Or are super jets landing at Sydney airport and future residents complaining to galactic council over the noise levels?

I shall let you know.

Love you all!