Saturday, September 5, 2009

Orchid Love

Brassia rex (those petals are 6 inches long!)

Oncidium Orchids

Ansillia Africana (from Africa and Madagascar and smelling like honey)


Native Australian Dendrobiums

The ever popular Phalaenopsis (Moth Orchids)

New to my collection: Cymbidiums with a genetic abnormality (only one flower effected)

Thought I may share with you one of my loves in my life: Orchids.
After growing orchids for several years now I now have decided, without a doubt, that these have to be the most glorious flowering plants on the planet. I am not alone. Many people are realising that these amazing plants are easy to care for (usually less is more is the rule of thumb) and they don't have to be expensive. (Although that Ansillia above cost more than most of my whole collection put together...ouch)

The excitement of watching the flowers develop over months, the joy of the flowers opening and the amazing smells that some orchids have is pure love. They are my babies. I protect them from the summer sun, give them winter sun, protect them from slugs (when flowering) and talk to them. (very important!)

There is over 22,000 species of orchids. (Over 500 species in NSW, Australia alone) This amount of species makes them the largest family of flowering plants. Of course, I want one of each, which is impossible in my urban Sydney backyard, but I can still dream. What I do have is a fine collection from all corners of the globe, (I like that expression) some of which are shown here.

For the price of a bunch of cut flowers you can have an amazing plant that will flower year after year. Some green thumb required. (If you don't have a green thumb, they are available by researching the plants you are interested in and apply that knowledge- simple really.)

Have a great week and
May your God (or serotonin) be with you.