Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Knitted Convenience

The Knitted Convenience is knitting gone wild for Sydney Design 2009. Organised by the Sydney Powerhouse Museum, the festival has craft and design events across Sydney. One of those was organised by guerrilla knitter grrl+dog. The knitting graffiti took place at Taylor Square, Darlinghurst, at an public toilet. The toilet is unique in the fact it has been closed for thirty years and was the first public toilets in Sydney. This was the men’s toilet that this gang of knitters took on.

I was there to help out, hey, I sleep with the artist, so it was a given.

After warm-up coffee all round the activities started. Scaffold, ladders, bags of wool, pins, entertainment, watchers, assistants, supervisors and a couple of homeless people spilled out across Taylor Square.

I managed to capture a few images here. Some were taken by David (seen at the top of structure) and some by grrl+dog.

The Knitted Convenience will stay in place for four weeks. After that the wool will be used for a local homeless charity. How cool is that?

It was great to see this event and be part of it. What was also exciting was to be able to go down into this 1908 toilet block for the first time.

Looks like I will return to take down the piece. I swear I will take more photos of inside! (And of the women’s toilet next door, which is even more fascinating) It may be the last time as council has no intention of doing anything with these buildings.

Worth having a look if you are in Sydney.

More photos at my Flickr page

Enjoy your week!