Sunday, July 5, 2009


It's official. There is just not enough junk in my life. I need some grungy street-waste. Street-treats. I like the stuff that gets thrown out.
I have been walking the alley ways asking neighbours. "Hey, you got any good shit?" But with no results. I don't know why.

Over past few weeks I have been assembling a collection of metal parts, wires and lenses. I'm thinking along the lines of some old fashioned Steampunk microscope. I could also rig a miniature light in the base. Maybe like a projecter.

Then this cool piece came into my life.
What a sexy, oxidised beast! Look at those industrial, utilitarian lines...
Enough to make any assemblage artist turn their head, enough to make any Steampunk assemblage artist wet themselves. (well, at least to go straight for the wallet)

A bargain at ten dollars. The garage sale operator, er, dude tried to tell me how to clean it up but I has already thinking of a dozen possibilities.

The patina is stunning.

It's paid for itself in the satisfaction of just looking at it, let alone when I start playing with it.
My first thought was to stick my 'microscope' on it. I usually let things 'simmer' for a while then come back to them after a week or so. Usually I try a few dozen ideas before coming back to the first idea I had.
Here goes...

I'm thinking 'Steampunk Particle Beam Accelerator'

(And the mini light could actually be a laser)

May have to get back to you on this one.

May the force that drives you be ever present.