Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Blogger Without a Cause

I am studying Time Management.
I now have no excuse for not having regular posts. (I'm sure there's a joke in there somewhere about having more roughage in your inbox or something but I won't start...) At work I am putting a workplace training program in place: "What's So Good about Time Management?". (I kid you not, that's what I'm calling it. It's my baby.)

Now, I have always known what it meant, and have always tried to practice "Effective Time Management Skills." But the crazy thing is, and this is what is so weird, is that until two years ago I had never worked in the office environment. I catch myself sometimes when I am in some 'Productivity, Strategy and Development Training' meeting and I think. "Holy shit! What the hell am I doing!"

The brief interest in Dilbert and buying work shirts sealed my fate. Next thing you know I'm bringing home stationary. Shit. Pretty much downhill from there. Like a junkie in sensible shoes clutching at colour coded manila folders talking in acronyms. The spiral had begun. By the time I got to the Melbourne conference I was a 'Team Player'. Shit. Next thing knew I was Team Leader. Holy shit. Thank fuck I didn't get a uniform too.

But as of today yours truly has started a new job, with the same company, in a brand new office/ training center, that is a promotion and more money, sees me full time, with more freedom and is only four blocks away from home, yes!

(Intentional long sentence to help you grasp the excitement I feel, sorry)

But did you see how I slipped in the 'full- time' thing in there without you even noticing. That's right. Now, I could do all that 'slave to the system' shit but it wouldn't be true. I embrace (and have a chuckle) about everything in life. That's my philosophy.
"Isn't your art suffering" I hear you ask.
At the moment, I don't think so. What do your think?

Here are some new Magic Children Cars with heads from pre-war Dresden and some clear shots of the robot series.

My allotted time is up. (And I have computer problems!)

Until next time, may your God be with you.