Sunday, June 14, 2009

Power Word from Hell

Baxter and I at growers market

Arrived back on Friday after a three day industry (Employment) conference in Melbourne. I had never been to one but I knew what to expect. I was not wrong.
Flight, transfer, check-in, conference dinner, seminar, morning tea, seminar, lunch, seminar... You get the picture.
The MC was this zany NLP/ Red Bull addicted guy who was being all game-show host talk with lame jokes and a shiny suit.
It was three days of buffet food, name tags, business cards, networking, team-building exercises, panel discussions, inspirational speakers, tiny soaps and mini bars, plastic promotional pens and highlighters, giveaway notepads and PowerPoint presentations.
Damn those PowerPoint presentations!

I sneaked off on the last day to avoid a seminar, only to run into the CEO, on the way back from the cafe. Oops and Shit! She was all cool and more concerned with another colleague who was "not being a team player." I was concerned about him too. He didn't participate much in the motivational group painting, thinking it all too lame. Even worse, his 'Power Word' was just plain cynical and it was rejected by group vote. Not one to bitch, but when when we were chanting "We can do it!" or "Energy is intention" I don't think he was 'feeling' it.

I was savouring the crazy, creative-team building moment with the smell of poster paint burning my nostrils and the conference room carpet my 'Power Muse' or something. The whole thing was a Dilbert moment.

As team leader, yours truly impressed the manager with my Power Word from hell, the way it represents the spirit of the team and then the under drawing of our 'Power Painting.' Of course this was representational of blah blah blah. She loved it it, the team loved it, I was felling all warm and fuzzy with the soft drinks and finger food giving me the energy to 'Be Our Best!' OMG.
I think that's when my colleague left the building. Come to think of it, I wasn't far behind him.
Just have to slip past the boss again...