Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend for a white person

The beautiful opening photographs are by a friend Andrew taken at Eveleigh Markets in Sydney. I guess it's a bit of an inner city-dog-loving-child-wrangling-organically grown 40-something hangout.

I guess I like stuff white people like

Christian Lander says White people like Farmers Markets for a number of reasons. The first is their undying need to support local economies and the idea of buying direct from the farmer helps them assuage the fears instilled in them from reading Fast Food Nation.

White people also like Farmer’s Markets because it is outdoors (they love being outdoors), they can bring their dogs and children in expensive strollers, and they get to see other white people. If they are single, this is a good place to meet other single white people who share their passion for sustainability.

On a different note I have been reading this wonderful book on Galileo and his conflict with the church. Also, recently purchased was Heaven and Earth. There are no photos of Heaven but many of the heavens. Microscopic to Telescopic journey. Lavishly illustrated as they say.

On film, this week I saw The Obama Deception. To consipacy theorists it may all seem normal what is revealed in this doco. Worth a watch despite the 'bad doco' feel to it. Global control throught the Bilderberg Group. The who you say? These guys.

For a better doco Naomi Wolf's End of America
delivers the goods. Very scary indeed.

I took this of New York from the WTC in 2000.