Sunday, May 10, 2009

Melbourne Birthday Adventure

Here I am in Melbourne, Australia, with my gorgeous partner, celebrating my birthday. The chilly wind cut through my Sydney attire so the search for the perfect coat began immediately. The wide, tree lined streets contain high standard clothing shops and warm-and-cozy cafes. Everywhere here the cafes are licenced to serve alcohol. This is a far cry Sydney where government and underground gangsters control alcohol like illicit drugs. Melbourne escaped Sydney's up tightness and has a relaxed, hassle-free attitude. The sounds of police sirens were noticeably absent, as were aggressive drivers and badly-dressed people.

The quest for the ideal coat continued on day two but adventures such as the Rose St Artists Markets, cool cafes, junk shops and friends were easy distractions.

Eventually I returned to one of the first shops we had entered and tried on once again a coat that had no equal. A blue/black Nom*d knee-length woolen coat in a 'Deadwood' style, I decided, was 'the' coat for me. Thank you Baby for my present!

Autumn is well and truly present in Melbourne and even the overcast sky can't suppress the beautiful colours of the the Liqiudambers and Maples that seem to be lining every street. Although the rain did suppress my photographic efforts I hope I managed to capture a bit of the colour and feeling of Melbourne in the shots.

Happy Birthday to me!

PS: Hope it's cold in Sydney because I am never taking my coat off!

Enjoying Churros in Lygon St.

Street art near Smith Street.

Kissing in front of the Melbourne Museum. (Part of a series of photos of us kissing around the world. Seen here on my flickr)