Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Goodbye Melbourne, Hello Sydney

Goodbye Melbourne. Sniff. See you soon for more shopping and eating. Sniff.

Standing in between the tram lines in the wide streets.

Street art/ advertising
Museum of Melbourne soars above the trees. This suspended roof is huge. That's concrete twenty metres wide.

Denton Corker Marchell is the Australian architect responsible.

And a grim warning. Looks like the anti-drug brigade is using street-art stenciling.

I won't forget you.

Back in Sydney I'm looking forward to the Eveleigh Farmers Markets on Saturday. This was an unused train repair station that now has been given a major overhaul his theatres, offices and open areas. The markets have fantastic organic produce, Fair Trade coffee, plenty of dogs and all undercover. Well worth a visit.

Back to the grindstone in the morning. Sigh.