Sunday, May 3, 2009

Flowers, Toys and God

These are my latest orchids to bloom. Stunning Cymbidiums. I'm trying the 'less-care' approach to orchids at the moments and it's working. These are cheering me up for Autumn.

I have finished my little Morph-toys. Reassembled toys, repainted and glued. Also finished two (of four) of my robot series. All made with recycled materials.

Molly the Robot





Anatomical man

On a different note, I bought the other day a human anatomical puzzle / educational toy. I was drawn to the intricate details these models have.Leafing through the instruction/ information booklet I came upon this...(Italics mine)

"..the series have been designed, developed and produced in such a way to serve a four fold purpose:
  1. Provide consumers basic but precise knowledge of amazing human organs structure.
  2. Igniting consumers in exploring wider and deeper scope to this profound study.
  3. Combination of puzzle toys with highly detailed miniature medical models to serve educational purposes in a challenging and creative way.
  4. Inspiring the curiosity and appreciation of our Creator in heaven.
Now that last one throws me off balance a bit. I don't have problems with others religious beliefs or philosophy's but the above statement is a bit much for an educational toy. How about when then sell them in less Christian countries? Are they Creationists at this company? I had a look at their site for other religious statements: there were none.Weird.
This is their site, as I highly recommend their products: