Saturday, April 4, 2009

Little Magical Children

Little Magical Children

My little children are finished. (for now)
The doll heads were dug up in Dresden so they are pre-war West German, sold on eBay. Beautiful little things they are. They came in pieces. Broken, forgotten and buried for a long time. Asleep.
Now they race through the German countryside with the wind in their hair and not a care in the world.
Shoe-cars are the style of the day. Powered by nano-steam technology.

The addition of the scarves and the lack of any 'extras' seems to accent the crisp lines of the shoe lasts. I went for a less-is-more which is usually hard for me as I want to stick everything on a piece.

All the parts sat together so well.

The wheels seemed to match up like magic and were easily attached with screws.

I may have even achieved a sense of balance with the different parts.
No glue or anything new used.
I attached a large bolt to the head which sits perfectly into the pre-made holes on the shoe-lasts.

For the doll heads I used a two-part putty that dries to a hard sandable finish, or as I do, wet my finger smooth it out while it is wet. This creates a nice smooth surface.

The shoe lasts have such a nice patina I didn't touch them.

I will probably play around with the scarves. Maybe each character could have a selection of scarves to choose from. I will let them 'brew' for a couple of weeks and then finish them off.

Off to the next project now!

Do not bring home, ever, a book on menopause to help her 'get acquainted' with the idea. Ever.
Bad, very bad. What was I thinking?

Over and out.