Monday, February 9, 2009

Behold the Planets

I know that's a pretty dramatic title but I am getting excited by my Solar System model. Started assembling and painting my baby on the weekend and by the end of this week it should be all finished. Hopefully. My second one has taken a back seat as I was concerned about weight on the tiny gearing system. Motor and gear set won't collect dust for too long around me.This is how it's looking so far...

Also, as a nod to Grrl+Dog (My beautiful and talented partner- check out her great stuff) with her guerrilla Knit-ups I found this from Sam Spencer (I could not find a site for this artist...)
I know its not knitting, I know it's not guerrilla art, but I do know it has a tree in it and its Art. Enjoy.

I don't usually do jokes but this one has real appeal (and it's clean)

Did you hear about the Zen- Buddist who ordered a hot dog?
He asked for One with Everything.