Wednesday, January 7, 2009

War is Stupid

War? What war? The war that is still going on with a body count of civilians at 90,253- 98,521. That is a lot of dead people. Innocent people, like you and me, who died because they live in Iraq. At this rate, in ten years time, every Iraqi will be dead. Number of dead coalition soldiers 4539.

Can anyone answer this: Why was Iraq invaded? If you answered WMD you are wrong.

Thankfully the new, wise government of Australia has pulled it's troops. Now we just need Obama to do the right thing.

Finally got around to finishing and photographing my final holiday artwork. Cross of war. Using over two hundred plastic soldiers and a hot glue gun. Size is 35 x 40 cm I'm considering doing a civilian version...if I can find that many figurines of men, women and children.

War is stupid.
Soldiers kill civilians.
The oil will run out soon anyway.