Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Reward of Art

Bronze 11cm

I enjoy making art. The fact that other people are interested or even enjoy it just seems to make creating art even more enjoyable.

You end up getting rewarded three times. Once when you are in the act of creating. Secondly the reward of seeing your piece finished. And then to top it off , friends, family, peers or complete strangers enjoy it too.

What a great feeling of creating and sharing.

I hope there are not too many artists that are afraid to show their art to anyone else.
I'm saying this because I have been mentioned in other blogs. I love that.
Over at artsyrubbish there was this..

The wonderful Sophism Press and Art Propelled also featured my art.

And I sold my first etsy piece! And I am working on my most ambitious kinetic sculpture to date.

Art keeps me alive. Thank you Art.