Friday, July 11, 2008

Found Photos

I found some old photos recently.

Me as a young man, ready for some school holiday adventures. Star Wars premier perhaps? What happened to this young man? His dreams, his thoughts? I have replaced him but he still exists somewhere inside me. The things he enjoyed I do too. Making models, dreaming, swimming, dressing up, creating. But something has been lost and I don't know exactly what it is. More than just innocence or youth but something else has gone which makes me feel slightly sad when I view this photo.

Dad, my sisters, Liza, Dena, and Julia with me in the middle of the frame. I like the way the path, my sisters heads,(Liza in the red with Julia next to her and Dena in the foreground) and dad for an X with me in the center. Mum must have taken this. As a family we did do some cool things. From what I remember we went away every school holiday.

Mum and I just before she passed away. That was ten years ago.

Our cute family dog, Anna.

That's my Sis Dena. She is so amazingly photogenic.