Monday, June 9, 2008

40 Year Journal. My Life in Images

When I recently turned forty I decided I wanted to capture my life up till then in book form. Finding an old photo album , I charted my years from my birth in London to my heady and happy recent times.

Page 1: Birth
Page 2: Baptism
Page 3 and 4: Now and then. That is me as Ned Kelly. I won the fancy dress competition. Nothing much has changed.

Page 7: I lived at a few places.

Page 9: A page for my parents. Did they love me? I don't know.Parents should. Shouldn't they? At least my dog, Anna, loved me.

Pages 12: for my kind sisters- Liza, Julia and Dena.

My father and I. We had some shit times together. This was one of the less shit times. First Christmas after my mother died. Photo stuck on one of his hand-made invitations to his exhibition.

Page 11 and 12: A page about my wonderful ( Most of the time) son. Indiana.

Pages 14 and 15: This is my life. From 'cool' 18 to 'twisted' 40.

Pages 16 and 17: I traveled a bit when I was young. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, London, Paris, New York, Tokyo, Madrid, Valencia, Nice, Venice...

A page of some of my girlfriends. I had a few. ( I wish I had photos of them all.) Pictured: Lara, Gaby, Michelle, Jane, Nicky, Suzie, Talai, Di, Sharon, Sharyn, Ambika, Dhana,Leila and Vanessa. Not pictured-Tali, Angie, Michelle, April...

A page for Deborah. She was hot.

Pages 23, 24, 25 and 26: New York May 2000
Tokyo. Cherry Blossom Week. God, I am so lucky.

Pages 29 and 30: Postcards from the edge.

I wanted to be an astronaut when I has young. I stole these original newspaper items when I was young.

My beautiful Love. Days of wine and roses and dress-ups and parties...

That's me! In drag. My name; Amanda Peon.

Final page: Birthday card from my son.