Sunday, May 25, 2008

Rip it apart - half the fun of found art

I was looking at Michael De Meng's blog where he has ripping apart an old typewriter and I was thinking that I want one to rip apart too. Within a week I had one. This is how it looked when it was picked up from the auction.My partner desires those keys for jewellery, while I look at the guts of it and imagine all the robotic/ steam punk/ sci-fi artwork to be created. Within a couple of hours, playing with spanners, screwdrivers and finally an angle-grinder the thing's in a hundred pieces. Cool.

This is another thing that's going to become something. (Don't I just have a way with words?) Bought this just for the cover, but the actual trivet is looking promising for some sort of sci-fi project. For the moment it will just go into a box to simmer for a while, maybe until I forget about it, and then the time will come when it will become the exact piece I want.