Thursday, February 11, 2016


New URBANDON menswear pieces for the year. 

Sustainable. Experimental. Affordable.

urbandon menswear

Long linen double-layer coat with hood and metal buttons. Front panel  and hood are all one piece. Lined sleeves. Raw edges throughout.

urbandon menswear

urbandon menswear

Wool coat with built in scarf closure and hood.
 (yes, I know, I am vegan but the fabric was in my stash and I had to finish it- I will not be using wool any more due to the un-sustainability and unethical treatment of animals)

urbandon menswear
 Organic cotton hoodie with hand stitching throughout. (Now sold out)

urbandon menswear

 Organic cotton drop-crotch 3/4 pants. Side seam pockets and elastic waist.

urbandon menswear

urbandon menswear

 Organic cotton top with false front panel, double sleeves and hood. Now sold out.

urbandon menswear

urbandon menswear

My best pants pattern to date. Button fly, 3D knee darts, extra deep pockets, carrot leg pants with rotating side seam made from reclaimed U.S. Army 'pup' tent canvas. These are only a sample but I have been wearing them to death as they are so comfortable. They will be available soon.

Pieces available from my Etsy store.
All the best, 

Monday, January 18, 2016


This is what I do when I am not doing other stuff: mountainboarding!

This is so much fun. Captured the footage on my GoPro action sports video camera.

Saturday, December 26, 2015


SEASON GREETINGS to all Urbandon fans, followers, customers, haters and trolls. Best wishes for the New Year.

I admit, I had a slack year designing and sewing. My time was taken up with learning Salsa, mountainboarding, building bicycles, learning guitar and Japanese vegan cooking.

Urbandon will be back next year with some new designs and a fresh approach. (Well, that's the plan)

Thanks all for the support, comments and likes!