Tuesday, December 30, 2014


While reviewing what I made this year I realised it looked a bit lean. Had I designed so little? Travelling and moving house took a huge chunk out of 2014. 

I made some clothes, I was happy with them and they sold. It is not much, but here are some of the favourite clothes I designed and made this year. 

URBANDON menswear

URBANDON menswear

URBANDON menswear

URBANDON menswear

URBANDON menswear

URBANDON menswear

URBANDON menswear

Thank you to you, my readers, for visiting here in 2014. Hope you all have a great new year and I hope you swing by my blog next year. 

Peace on earth and good will to all animals, Don

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


URBANDON massive discount for blog followers.

That's you! 
Yep, my store is open again and it's time to make room in the studio. My new workshop is busting at the seams.
This is great news for you- How does 20% off sound? Use the code 'MEDIUM' at my ETSY store when you are at checkout. No minimums and the only catch is it is only valid for 5 days.

My new house is beautiful and I will be posting photos of it soon. Okay, here is one showing off my lovely vintage Japanese ceramics.

Saturday, November 15, 2014


The following is just a few patterns and pattern companies I appreciate. If drafting patterns seem a bit daunting then check the following links.

One of my favourite shops and blogs for sewing: Tessuti Blog. Always women's clothes but great in-house patterns, some free. Possibly the best place to buy fabrics in Sydney, Australia. 

An excellent hat pattern (for kids but can be scaled up) from my fav blogger, Peter over at Male Pattern Boldness. You MUST know Peter's blog! Such a sweet guy and very generous with his information.

Heres another pattern- full size from KitchBitch. Even better, she uses old jeans to give the hat a unique look. Check it out. 

I love looking at vintage patterns but have only made one or two things using old patterns. If you love vintage clothes or making something for the theatre or re-enactments check out Kannickskorner. I thought this waistcoat was exceptional.

A blast from the 80's past: dungarees from Modelista. These have ben going in and out of fashion for 100 years or so. These look super easy to draft if you have a basic pant pattern to start with. These always remind me of Dexys Midnight Runners. Come on! Don't leave me looking old! You do remember them don't you? 

Russian folk costumes? Now these really rock! Have a look at the site. Great for the more experienced pattern drafter.

If you wanted to buy a menswear pattern then don't go past Thread Theory. You can even buy all the notions and fabric in one pack. Amazing! Great looking patterns and the packaging is so cool. 

One the same page, you can't overlook Hot Patterns. These patterns give the big name brands something to be fearful of. For too long those 'Big Three' have dominated the home sewing pattern world. Not any more!
This shirt looks great with exceptional detail. 

For menswear pattern making I recommend Metric Pattern Cutting for Menswear. 

I always get asked about my patterns and I will share some more soon. 

One final word: Patterns and sewing is like cooking: initially you may use a cake mix but eventually that is not going to cut it. You will want to make a cake from scratch, not follow a recipe or make your own patterns. It really isn't that hard. Like all good things it is worth learning if you want to make your own unique pieces. There are plenty of cookbooks and pattern making books worth exploring. 

Check my other post: Random sewing patterns for more patterns and my Free Patterns page.

Happy sewing!